Is Amazfit Compatible with Strava: Syncing Your Workouts Seamlessly

You might be wondering whether your Amazfit watch can work in tandem with Strava, one of the most popular fitness platforms for tracking and sharing your workouts.

The good news is Amazfit devices are indeed compatible with Strava, allowing you to sync your workout data seamlessly between the two.

This means that your running, biking, and other workout data recorded on your Amazfit watch can effortlessly enhance your Strava experience.

Syncing your activity data is straightforward through the Zepp app, which acts as a bridge between your Amazfit watch and Strava. Once you’ve completed a workout, your data is automatically uploaded to Strava, where you can analyze your performance, share it with your network, and use Strava’s myriad of community and tracking features.

With this compatibility, you’re empowered to join a global community of fitness enthusiasts and gain insights into your workouts that can help improve your fitness journey.

Connecting Amazfit with Strava

To fully integrate your fitness tracking, linking your Amazfit watch with your Strava account is a straightforward process. This synergy leverages the Zepp app to ensure your activities are systematically synced to Strava.

Setting Up Accounts

Step 1: Install the Zepp application on your smartphone, available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Step 2: Open the Zepp app, navigate to the Profile section, and tap on Add Accounts. Here you’ll find the option to connect with Strava.

Step 3: Proceed to either log in to your existing Strava account or sign up for a new one within the Zepp app.

Amazfit and Strava Synchronization

To synchronize your data:

  1. Ensure your Amazfit watch is connected to the Zepp app.
  2. Within the app, authorize the data share by allowing Zepp to upload your activities to Strava.

When set correctly, new activities recorded with Amazfit watches like the Pace, Bip, GTS, GTR, and Verge will automatically sync to your Strava account without any further action needed. Sync issues, such as a delay or failure to connect, can usually be resolved by troubleshooting actions like a force stop, uninstall/re-install, or even manually exporting a .GPX file from Amazfit to Strava.

Compatibility and Supported Devices

Amazfit’s compatibility with Strava spans across various smartwatch models. The following devices are confirmed to work seamlessly with Strava:

  • Amazfit Pace
  • Amazfit Bip
  • Amazfit GTS
  • Amazfit GTR
  • Amazfit Verge

These smartwatches record comprehensive activity data which then can be synced through the Zepp app. For a smooth experience, ensure both your Zepp and Strava apps are up to date on your smartphone, regardless of whether it’s an Android or iOS device. If you run into any sync problems or notice a sync delay, check the Strava server status, ensure your data coverage is reliable, and provide feedback if issues persist.

Tracking and Sharing Your Performance

Integrating Amazfit with Strava opens up an array of features for tracking your sports activities with precision and sharing your performance with a community. You’ll enjoy robust data analysis, social engagement, and maintain control over what and how you share.

Recording Activities on Amazfit

With your Amazfit watch, you can record various activities including running, swimming, and cycling directly through the Zepp app. The watch captures detailed data such as pace, distance, and heart rate, which are essential for a thoughtful analysis of your performance. Once you start recording, the data stays on your watch until it’s synced with the app.

Amazfit to Strava: Activity Data

After your activities are captured, you can readily sync them from the Zepp app to your Strava profile page. For this to happen, ensure you’ve authorized Strava to pull data from the Zepp app. Activities appear on Strava almost real-time, complete with details like segments, routes, and progress, allowing for comprehensive analysis. If you use Google Fit, Apple Health, or other health platforms such as Garmin Connect or Fitbit, you can generally link them so all your health-related data is unified.

Community and Social Features

Strava’s platform isn’t just for tracking; it’s also for sharing and connecting. By syncing your activities, you are joining an expansive community where you can compete on segments, receive kudos for your workouts, and take part in challenges. You can also leverage features like Live Segments and Relive to enhance your experience and integration with other community members.

Remember to tailor permissions and privacy settings within the Strava app to manage what’s shared and create the right balance between personal progress and social interaction.


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